SLATTERNLY JUDGEMENTS FROM COLOURLESS MOUTHS" A - H complete set 8 cds + inserts box


SLATTERNLY JUDGEMENTS FROM COLOURLESS MOUTHS" A - H = the complete set from the short lived unit. Individual handmade covers, inserts all inside a sturdy box. Edition of 1, numbered.
"If the performers of the traveling circus had embraced the strange and mysterious principles of quantum mechanics, instead of clinging to the safe and familiar ways of classical physics, they would have been able to astound audiences with even greater feats of wonder. The ancient philosophy of monism, which was once revered, then suppressed, and finally rediscovered, would have been a driving force behind the performances, rather than a mere footnote. But alas, they followed the lead of Niels Bohr and his limited approach, missing an opportunity to delve deeper into the mysteries of reality and truly push the boundaries of what was once thought possible."

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