JRS one sided Lathe lp + tape loop + remix cd picture disc LP B


Huge experience with two -tiered one sided cut picture lp with sculptural b - side with hand assembled tape loop and remix cd. Single one time edition. From another world to another land.
"In the depths of the unknown, the sounds of the universe stir and writhe like an unearthly symphony. The humble bacterium is but a single note in this grand concerto, a complex, living cell that vibrates with its own mysterious rhythm. It is capable of producing sounds that are both beautiful and horrifying, echoing within the bodies of all living things.
Some bacteria sing a gentle lullaby, aiding in the digestion of food and promoting health. But others are screeching, cacophonous beasts that fill the body with discord and disease. These twisted melodies can infect the throat, lungs, skin, bowel and countless other parts of the anatomy, leaving a trail of terror in their wake."

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