OF SUSPENSE! "Outstanding Theatre of Thrills" 12c90 box set + inserts


Outstanding Theatre of Thrills: The Caveman's Curse
Act I: A Dark Discovery

In the year 10 B.C., deep within the sprawling forests of what would one day become Europe, a tribe of cavemen thrived in their primitive existence. Among them was a revered figure: Face Peeler from Xandar, the tribe's dentist. His skills were not limited to rudimentary dentistry; Face Peeler from Xandar possessed an uncanny knowledge of the human body, an understanding that bordered on the mystical. He often spoke of "dimensions" beyond the visible world, a concept his tribe struggled to grasp.

One chilly evening, Face Peeler from Xandar ventured into the deepest part of the forest in search of medicinal herbs. As the sun dipped below the horizon, he stumbled upon a clearing illuminated by an eerie, unearthly glow. In the center, half-buried in the earth, lay a large, metallic object, unlike anything he had ever seen. Its surface was smooth and cold, covered in strange, curvilinear engravings that seemed to pulse with an inner light.

Face Peeler's heart raced with both fear and excitement. He touched the object, and suddenly, his mind was flooded with visions of distant stars, alien worlds, and a chilling sense of something watching him. He staggered back, realizing he had discovered something not of this world.
Act II: The Invasion Plan

Face Peeler from Xandar returned to his tribe, burdened by the knowledge of what he had found. He attempted to share his discovery, but his fragmented explanations of "fiction neurology" and "unstated questions" were met with confusion. The tribe leader, Hroth, dismissed Face Peeler's fears, attributing them to overwork and the strain of his duties.

But the object in the forest was no ordinary relic. It was part of an ancient invasion plan, a beacon signaling to an alien race. The gradual dimming of the object’s light indicated that the invaders were drawing closer, preparing for a time when Earth would be ripe for conquest.

As days turned into weeks, the tribe noticed subtle changes in their environment. Animals became scarce, and an unsettling silence fell over the forest. Face Peeler felt an ominous presence growing stronger, as if the forest itself was succumbing to a malignant force. He knew he had to act.
Act III: Notes from Nowhere

Face Peeler began to have strange dreams, where disembodied voices whispered to him, guiding him through a "curvilinear labyrinth" of knowledge and power. These "notes from nowhere" revealed a method to counteract the alien threat. It involved crafting a powerful talisman from materials found within the forest—a task requiring precision and courage.

Under the cover of darkness, Face Peeler and a small group of trusted tribe members set out to gather the necessary components. The deeper they went into the forest, the more it transformed into a nightmarish landscape, twisted and corrupted by the alien influence. They encountered grotesque, rusting remnants of alien technology, which emitted a peopleless rust, a sound that seemed to echo from the future.

With each step, Face Peeler felt the weight of his responsibility. He understood that the survival of his tribe depended on his success. He could not fail.
Act IV: The Final Confrontation

At the heart of the forest, Face Peeler faced the true source of the alien corruption: a pulsating core of dark energy. With his talisman completed, he approached the core, feeling its malevolent intelligence probing his mind. The voices grew louder, trying to dissuade him, to instill fear and doubt.

Drawing on every ounce of his will, Face Peeler chanted the ancient incantations revealed to him in his dreams. The talisman glowed brightly, countering the dark energy. A fierce battle ensued, not of physical strength but of mental and spiritual fortitude. Face Peeler’s vision blurred, and he felt himself teetering on the edge of consciousness.

In a final act of restorative justice, Face Peeler unleashed the full power of the talisman. A blinding light erupted, banishing the alien presence and restoring balance to the forest. The once-corrupted landscape began to heal, and the metallic object crumbled into dust.
Epilogue: Gradual Dimming

Exhausted but triumphant, Face Peeler returned to his tribe. He was hailed as a hero, though he spoke little of his ordeal. The tribe flourished once more, unaware of the true extent of the danger they had faced. Face Peeler, however, remained vigilant, knowing that the cosmos held many more secrets, some of which would one day return.

As years passed, the memory of the invasion plan dimmed gradually, like a fading star. Yet the forest bore silent witness to the bravery of one man who stood against the unknown, a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity in the face of cosmic terror.

This was "Outstanding Theatre of Thrills" with "The Caveman's Curse." Join us next time for another spine-chilling tale from the edges of imagination.

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