Shocked bows on uneven seas. Full journey inside, all arcane. Edition of 7 copies, numbered.
"In the realm of quantum mechanics and home recorded sounds, the strange and seemingly paradoxical behavior of particles and waves becomes the norm. The concept of entanglement, where particles can become intertwined and affect each other's behavior even at great distances, has led some researchers to propose that even space-time itself may be a result of entanglement. This new perspective on the nature of reality challenges our conventional understanding of the world and opens the door to a universe that operates in ways beyond our imagination esp. thru uncommon reed instruments. Some scientists believe that by embracing the nonseparability of the universe and studying the connections between objects at the quantum level, they may finally uncover the true nature of space and time. This journey into the weird and unknown reaches deep into the foundation of reality and promises to unravel the mysteries of the universe."