COMMON / COMING SIGNS "Four" 2cd & Painted Object


NOS of this 2018 release:

"Welcome to the Cryogenic Planet XE$%%^YV BB Weather Report, proudly brought to you by Four 2CD and featuring the Black Hairy Tongue phenomenon.

As of March 17th, we're delving into the atmospheric mysteries of Cryogenic Planet XE$%%^YV BB, a distant and enigmatic world on the outer fringes of our solar system. But before we delve into the weather, let's address the peculiar music emanating from Common / Coming Signs, a dissonant melody echoing into the vast expanse, as if singing into cold asphalt.

Now, turning our attention to the weather. Cryogenic Planet XE$%%^YV BB boasts temperatures that would make even the hardiest of explorers shiver, with an average temperature of approximately -375°F (-225°C). Yet, despite the bone-chilling cold, this icy realm holds a plethora of captivating phenomena.

On this distant world, the Black Hairy Tongue phenomenon has taken on a new form, as if the very essence of the planet itself is reflecting this curious condition. Strange, hair-like structures dot the icy landscape, adding to the intrigue of Cryogenic Planet XE$%%^YV BB. Could it be that the frozen methane and volatile compounds on the surface contribute to this bizarre phenomenon?

Our sensors are picking up fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, indicating the presence of localized weather systems across Cryogenic Planet XE$%%^YV BB. While the planet's thin atmosphere primarily consists of nitrogen, with traces of methane and carbon monoxide, these elements interact in ways that produce dynamic and unpredictable weather patterns.

Now, onto the forecast. Brace yourselves for continued extreme cold, with temperatures plummeting well below freezing. Intermittent bursts of methane and other gases may disrupt the atmosphere, leading to fleeting spikes in temperature in isolated regions.

If you're considering an expedition to Cryogenic Planet XE$%%^YV BB, ensure you're equipped to face the harsh conditions of this distant realm. And should you encounter any of the intriguing Black Hairy Tongue formations, remember that they are just one of the many mysteries awaiting discovery in the depths of our solar system's outer reaches."

Edition of 5 copies, numbered.