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DOBERMAN self titled one sided 7" + CD AM 986

Image of DOBERMAN self titled one sided 7" + CD AM 986


Fort Inzane Indiana's finest underground big band in the history of the state: DOBERMAN is a jaw-freezing collective of underground weirdos pulling into the grey midwest abyss and answering back in clang und analog CLATTERING in fine TM style. Havent been this floored by a modern unit in AGES and its the pleasure is all mine to present this phenom group unto the world to make it a more confusing and eerie place. To find a weirdo collective doing a idiosyncratic sound attack in a small town... is all you can ask for. Here are the result of stewing in your own radioactive brain juice for MONTHS and finally letting it dribble all over a gallery floor after doing your social isolation prison time. Let 2014 shut it books on this drooling rabid dog of creeping audio cause the future is THIS. As American Tapes heaves it final breaths, thank the dark lords below DOBERMAN makes up the final H20 outake of FREEZING AIR. B & W cover with two track cd, hand assembled sleeves, numbered edition of 100.